The Prepaid SIM card that can be used all over japan

BIGLOBE NINJA SIM Explanation of Important Matters

Established on Oct 3, 2016

Type: High-speed mobile communication service
Maximum download traffic speed: Approx. 788Mbps/maximum upload traffic speed: approx. 50Mbps
- 3G
Maximum download traffic speed: Approx. 14Mbps/maximum upload traffic speed: approx. 5.7Mbps
*This service offers mobile communication through the terminal.
*The maximum communication speed above is provided for the mobile communication service. The maximum communication speed is just the best effort (maximum speed on the standard), not a guarantee of actual speed. The communication speed slows depending on the customer's device, incoming signal strength, traffic and area. 
*As the service uses radio waves, it may be unavailable due to interior and peripheral obstacles (buildings and land features) even within the service area. In addition, it may be unavailable even at vantage points due to high-rises and condominium buildings.
Fee: All amounts in this document are standard fees excluding tax.
*Please understand that fees are subject to change for the reasons of retail outlets.
1)If purchased through an authorized retailer
- "1GB Plan" Price determined by authorized retailer (valid for 30days)
- "3GB Plan" Price determined by authorized retailer (valid for 30days)
- "7GB Plan" Price determined by authorized retailer (valid for 30days)
- "Top Up" 2,000 yen/1GB
2)If purchased directly from BIGLOBE
- "3GB Plan" 4,900 yen (valid for 30days)
- "7GB Plan" 7,700 yen (valid for 30days)
- "Top Up" 2,000 yen/1GB
3)Character SIM cards
- "3GB Plan" 4,500 yen (valid for 30days)
- "Top Up" 2,000 yen/1GB


  1. - Please activate within 30 days after purchase.
  2. - No cancellation or returns are accepted.
  3. - You can apply for several services.
  4. - Minors cannot apply for the service.
  5. - Validity period is from the day of activation to the 31st day. This does not apply when the top up described later is purchased.


  1. - The service start date is the day when the activation predefined by BIGLOBE is completed.
  2. - The SIM card for the service cannott use services provided by NTT docomo such as sp mode.
  3. - If the total upload and download traffic exceeds the standard value below using “BIGLOBE NINJA SIM,” communication is unavailable even in the validity period.
    1. 1GB Plan : 1GB
    2. 3GB Plan : 3GB
    3. 7GB Plan : 7GB
  4. - The service is unavailable overseas.

-Top Up

  1. - You can top up up to 10GB by the GB within the validity period period.
  2. - If you purchase top up, validity period will be extended to from purchase date to the 31st day.
  3. - You can top up even when you have remaining data allowance.
  4. - Only our-specified credit cards can be used as the settlement method. A receipt e-mail is sent after purchase.
  5. - Even when the top up is purchased, communication is unavailable if the total traffic within the validity period exceeds the top up data.

-SIM card (standard SIM card, microSIM card or nanoSIM card)

  1. - The SIM card is a rental product. When requested by us, you have to return the SIM card to us immediately by our specified method.
  2. - If the SIM card is damaged or lost, we will not reissue a SIM card.
  3. - Do not take the SIM card out of Japan.
  4. - Do not transfer, resell or dispose of the SIM card.


  1. - Devices supporting LTE and 3G can be used.
  2. - You have to prepare a device by yourself.
  3. ・Devices without the mark of conformance to technical standards cannot be used. If you use a device of this kind, you will violate the Radio Act and may not be allowed to connect to the network.

-Band control

  1. - To ensure fair communication speed and avoid continuous network congestion, the communication speed may be controlled.
  2. - For data communication by file exchange (P2P) applications, the communication speed may be controlled or the usage may be restricted.
  3. - To accelerate screen display speed during packet communication, we may optimize communication to compress images so that they fit the device screen. We do not optimize images during HTTPS communication or attached files. Optimized images cannot be restored.
  4. - Band control is subject to change.
  5. - If no communication continues for a certain period, the connection may be reset.
  6. - Band control is subject to change.

-Contact info

BIGLOBE Translation Center
Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (except public holidays)
TEL: 0120-852-107
Supported language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean